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Dixon Marketing Inc. Partnership

Dixon Marketing LogoBulletproof is excited to announce our partnership with Dixon Marketing Inc.

Bulletproof is excited about our partnership with Dixon Marketing Inc. We are honored to be working with such a respected military sales and service company like DMI. We look forward to expanding our reach and footprint throughout our all of our Military Bases through the Exchange systems.

About Dixon Marketing Inc.

The mission of DMI is to be the best sales and marketing company operating in the military marketplace.

As the best, we will consistently achieve maximum sales and profit potential within the military market for a select group of complimentary clients, which will include major brands dominant in their respective categories.

DMI is a worldwide, full service military sales and marketing agency.

DMI provides:

  • Specialized retail coverage of commissaries and exchanges with separate, dedicated sales forces.
  • Superior Headquarter penetration.
  • Marketing services which include category management and promotion development and execution.
  • Complete customer service including VMI management, invoicing services, distribution on a DMI contract, EDI pricing and more.

DMI was founded in 1964 by Virgil H. Dixon. Virgil Dixon, having spent several years in the civilian grocery business, recognized the uniqueness of the military commissary and exchange market, and understood that to develop the potential of that market, manufacturers would require a specialized, dedicated sales and marketing team.

Laura Dixon joined DMI in 1980 after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and held a progressive series of positions until becoming Chief Executive Officer in 1996.

DMI grew steadily from 1964, and became one of the limited number of food brokers who service both the worldwide Commissary and Exchange markets. As business trends forced industry consolidation, DMI continued to grow both organically and through acquisition.

Today DMI is one of only six worldwide sales and marketing agencies which service all the military resale systems

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