Bulletproof Testimonials

Don’t take our word that Bulletproof Energy Drinks are the best out there… here’s what your friends are saying…Here’s some testimonials from our Facebook feed and email contacts through our website:

  1. Just wanted to say Thank you for your drink and giving back to our military families.  I myself am a vet serving 12 years as an army infantryman and the US Navy.  I had a taste test at the local Sam’s Club here in Las Vegas and was immediately hooked on the flavor which in turn made me buy a case right away! I’m also more than happy to support Central Valley business as I was raised in Merced.  I believe I got my neighbor hooked already as well!  Again Thank you as I’m proud to hold your drink in my hand and put out the good word!Dustin L.
  2. The guys loved the drinks. Jason is an ex-Marine that served in Somalia and Afghanistan and the idea giving back to the wounded veterans was a plus.
    Greg G.
  3. We tried and bought a pack at sams club and LOVED it!
    Jack S.
  4. We loved your bulletproof energy drinks. Thanks for coming and sharing lastnight at Nics show at Yosemite Lanes. We loved it.”
    Stephanie B.
  5. We love the taste of Bulletproof energy drinks!”
    Islandzen C.
  6. I love your drink it’s  my favorite!
  7. We bought a case at Sam’s Club.  I love this drink!  I can not stand any of the other energy drinks (they make me jittery and give me a headache).
    Tracie G.
  8. I love your guys drinks. Ever since I’ve walked into a 7eleven to get a monster and one of your sales reps was there to change my mind. I’ve been hooked ever since. Thank you!
    James N.
  9. Hey i just wanted to say that i love your drink  and your mission!
  10. These just arrived in the Scolari’s I work at. They are so good! As a veteran I am happy to support those who support my wounded brothers and sisters in arms!
    James P.
  11. I loved your drink, tried it the first time I bought 1 at the last titans cage.
    Paul S.
  12. Hi there! Love your product! Keep it up!
    Tracy V.
  13. Is there ways to buy full cases of bulletproof? I’m working in Sacramento and have found these bulletproof energy drinks. They by far my favorite, and love the support for our troops!
    Jack B.
  14. Found you guys next to my usual choice (AMP) and i have to say this is now one of my favorites. Great taste.
    James R.
  15. In my local Scolaries in Reno, Nevada. Yummmy!!Always taste good, better than monster or red bull. Plus, it supports the men and women who fight for our freedom.
    Clarissa B.
  16. I love Bulletproof Energy!
    Jill P.
  17. Love this stuff. Just finished my last one today. I wish they were sold in SAM’S already!
    Enrique S.
  18. Hey I tried your product at Yosemite lanes in Modesto having an awesome time at the bar enjoying the live music!!!
    Todd C.
  19. I just want to say bulletproof makes a superior product when it comes to taste and effectiveness,im not a coffee drinker nor do I enjoy very many energy drinks however they became my go to drink when I need a kick start,not too mention
    Tory N.
  20. I’ve tried bulletproof once before and absolutely LOVED it!
    Jeffrey M.
  21. The very best!
    Alex W.
  22. We tried it here in Anchorage, Alaska and loved it went to Sam’s to buy some more and they were out! Please send more to Sam’s club I got 1 case and can’t get any more. This stuff is the best energy drink that I have ever tried! PLEASE SEND MORE SO WE CAN BUY MORE!!!! Thanks!
    Viyetta B.
  23. Had the opportunity to try it in AK at the opening of our new Sam’s Club 6602 store. We just found out today that it was only for a road show? My dad works at Sam’s. Who does he need to talk to to get you to get it on a constant here?! BETTER THAN RED BULL LIME!
    Viola B.
  24. I tried your product for the first time today, the Sugar-free kind and it’s seriously the best tasting SF energy drink! You have a new customer!
    Sonia C.
  25. Love Bulletproof and everything they do to support the troops and VETS, keep on keepin on!
    Bill W- Burger Hut EDH
  26. Thanks again for making such a great product with a great mission!
    Zach M.
  27. I ran into a rep of yours at Fry’s, and I loved your product!
    Aaron L.
  28. So as I got off work today at Raley’s I encountered a man sampling Bulletproof Energy at my store… I forgot to ask for his name or a business card, but he said that he was one of the owners of the company. He offered me a sample, and then proceeded to give me a full can of the product. Not only did I leave with a very good impression of your company, but I also love your product. It’s so nice to see that there are still businesses out there who go to great lengths to give back to the public, whether it be through using real sugar in their product, or by donating money to wounded soldiers and veterans. I fully support your business and I sincerely wish you the best in success. You have earned a customer today.
    Kyle D.
  29. One of your reps recently came down to Yuba City, he told us all about your organization and all I’ve been doing recently is telling friends about your drinks. Thanks for supporting our veterans, and keep being awesome.
    Sean W.
  30. Tried for the first time at the Stockton Thunder game and fell in love found my new drink and I dig that 5 cents from each can go’s to our troops…..
    Leonard L.
  31. Saw these and tried them for the first time last night at the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Special Showing! As a veteran I completely admire the fact that this energy drink company supports wounded troops! Definitely my go-to energy drink from now on just for that fact along!
    Katy M.
  32. Random nice lady drove up to the front of the theater where we’re at in line for Breaking Dawn2 premier and handed everyone in line one of these yummy energy drinks. Support our troops, thank you each and every one of our military people!
    Veronica M.
  33. Good meeting u guys at the fights and sugar free Bulletproof was great!
    Kyle B.
  34. Love this stuff!
    Nick V.
  35. Love this stuff keeps my energy level to the max when I’m working graveyard..thank you for the best energy and drink out there!
    Marvin F.
  36. As good as it gets….
    Jay G.
  37. You guys are amazing!
    Kennieth  H.
  38. I just tried this its really good..Im willing to support them since 5 cents goes to help our wounded vet.. energy drink and service dog training. man ill be on fire.
    Amanda R.
  39. Just hearing about this in class the other day…this is a great product… I think it’s great the giveback behind your product and the things your doing in the community. Kudos!!
    Rachelle M.
  40. Not sure who was out at the 7-11 on Lindhurst on Wed in Marysville, but he saw I had a Redbull and gave me a can of Bulletproof to try. Must say I am hooked. Thank You. Love the taste. Love that its made in USA. Love who you support. I would love to see it in more stores.                        Chad S.
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