Bulletproof Delivery & Distribution

Bulletproof Energy is excited to announce our OWN delivery and distribution network with our own fleet. Read more to find out…For the last couple years we have gone the traditional supply chain route… but it just wasn’t working. Stores had a hard time getting product delivered and in-turn customers had a hard time finding our product. Customer Service has seemed to go by the wayside and for our brand and our mission that just doesn’t work.

So, like other beverage companies, we are pleased to announce our own Bulletproof Delivery & Distribution network. Our vehicles are on the road everyday throughout California and Nevada servicing our stores and accounts. The best part is that our delivery teams include veterans! Bulletproof Energy believes in customer service with a smile, dependability and reliability. We are on a great mission to help our wounded veterans and their families at Fisher House Foundation and we don’t want to let them down… or you the customer down.

When you see the Bulletproof Delivery Team on the road, give’em a honk or a wave to let them know you support them!



bulletproofBulletproof Delivery & Distribution